Waxy Build Up

  It’s embarrassing when it happens on your floor (at least according to the most memorable commercials of the 70’s)  but it’s downright INCONVENIENT when it happens to your ears!  Yes, I speak of that nasty wax build up that accumulates in the inner ear; IMPOSSIBLE to get to, unless you’re a doctor with a teeny ear wax removal kit.  

   Today, I went to my doctor and told him about my slight hearing loss in my right ear and he looked at both and told me I have dry wax in my ears. Hmmm…. don’t remember putting it there.  In any case, I was told to use BABY oil for a week, to soften the gunk and then he would flush it out and I would be hearing normally again. 

   All things considered, that’s something to be thankful for.  A hearing Aid would cost two grand per ear. Baby oil, at the bargain store, costs $2.00.  Guess which one I DON’T want to get.  Yeah, I’ll cope with baby oil just fine, thank you!   This time, next week, I’ll be able to hear myself sing .  Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t just let the stuff accumulate until ….nah! My singing isn’t THAT bad. 


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