What’s To Tell…

Hmmmm What IS to tell?  I never know what to say on these pages so I’ll just say what I’d like to accomplish here….

Like most people, I have issues of some sort or another. My last post… “Controversy, Controversy…” should tell you as much.  I’m thinking of changing the name of that blog, and just spilling my guts on that page.  Good days and bad. Funny, how some people tend to only write when we need to vent.  To my regret, I’m one of those people.  It’s a habit I MUST try to break. If anyone has any idea how to break the bad habit of ‘VENTING’, I’m all eyes!

I’m also interested in using a new blog to help teach some people. To that end, I need to do some serious Bible studying.  But first, to address the issue of why life sometimes seems TOO FULL.  Even for a single woman,  my weekends are full up, and not always with stuff I want to do.   How is that possible!?  Again, I’m all eyes if someone has ideas as to make more room for personal time to get more of what I want to do.

Carpe Deium (sp?)  SEIZE THE DAY!  Find what time is available and use it to my greatest advantage.

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