THANKS!!!!! :)

Hey all!    😀

WOW!  No sooner do I decide to actually do some writing when I already have followers.   NICE!

So I would like to take this occasion to say THANKS to all who have started following my blog and who will, in the days and weeks , come.

NO promises on what this blog will contain.  I’m working on timing and how to remember what I want to say, before it leaks out.  A blog Journal!  I’ll start that tonight.   After that….it’s anyone’s guess.

This October (31st)  will mark the 40th anniversary of a movie I grew up with PhantomRetroCOVER.  November 1st (Because it’s on a Saturday)  we’ll be having a DINNER AND A MOVIE night to commemorate.  Maybe I’ll include some pics.

I DO have the actual Retrospective on my computer, though it needs editing.  All going well, I’ll submit it to Smashwords .

In any case, that’s the PLAN.  I hope to be able to make good on those ambitions, and reward those who’ve been interested in reading what I’ve written so far.

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